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Mizuno S18 Forged Wedge  

Mizuno S18 Forged Wedge

The new Mizuno S18 Series Chrome and Gunmetal Wedge have been designed to provide golfers with optimal performance on every shot they play, be it a full shot from the fairway or rough or a shot played from around the green. That level of optimized performance has been accomplished in part thanks to loft-specific head shapes, which change in size based on the most common uses for a particular wedge, and advanced CG placements, as the center of gravity has been moved higher on more lofted wedges to better align with the impact location that most players achieve with a more lofted wedge. Additionally, S18 wedges feature sole grinds and bounce that have been matched based on loft to provide enhanced versatility for shot-making. Also of note, S18 wedges have been forged using 1025 Boron, which provides exceptional feel as well as more strength, while Harmonic Impact Technology ensures soft, crisp feel and sound at impact. In terms of spin, Quad Cut Grooves are narrower and deeper in the stronger lofts and wider and shallower in the weaker lofts to optimize spin based on loft, and Face Milling increases surface roughness to ensure maximum spin on shots played from any lie condition around the green. S18 wedges are available in stock lofts ranging from 46 to 60 degrees and feature True Temper Dynamic Gold wedge shafts and Golf Pride MCC grips. Mizuno also offers several custom loft and bounce options as well.

Forged from 1025 Boron for an incredible combination of feel and strength.

S18 Wedge Features:

  • Increased clubface surface roughness enables maximum spin on short shots.
  • Flowing CG design ensures the optimal CG position for each wedge based on loft.

Available Lofts:

Loft 46.0 50.0 52.0 54.0 56.0 58.0 60.0


  • New True Temper DG Shaft


  • Mizuno Grip

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    Preis inkl. MwSt. : 139,00 €

    Loft & Bounce:
    Lie Angle:

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